Flower Pot Ballpoint Pen

Item Number: 19070328
Product Name:Promotional Colorful Creative Cute Pens Desktop Decoration Flower Pot Ballpoint Pen flower pot ballpoint pen
Wholesale Price:0.3usd~0.53usd
Mini Order:1000pcs
Payment:T/T,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram
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Stationery Cartoon Sun Flower Pot Ballpoint Pen Plastic Promotional Gifts Can be printed LOGO Creative Sun Flower Shape Ballpoint Pen/Flower Pot Shape Pen /Cheap Ballpoint Novelty Promotional Colorful Creative Cute Pens Desktop Decoration Flower Pot Ballpoint Pen


Product Name:

Flower Pot Ballpoint Pen

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T/T,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram

First:portable fashion for flower pot ballpoint pen

The advertising gift pen has small size, light weight and portability, and can be adapted to go out, travel and other occasions to carry around.

Second:practical and convenient for flower pot ballpoint pen

The advertising gift pen is more practical, can be widely accepted by people, and exerts the inherent effects of the pen and the gift itself, and will not be excluded as an advertising feature.

Third:classic funny pen for flower pot ballpoint pen

Easy to carry in pencil case bag, backpack or handbag. With a nice grip, these popular pens give you comfortable writing feel.

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