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Item Number: 19070171
Name: Skin Moisture Analyser
Measuring range: 0~99.9%; Ambient temperature: 5~40°C, relative humidity below 70% (°C)
Custom processing: Yes
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Body Skin Moisture and Oil Tester Digital Skin Moisture Tester Pen


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Skin Moisture Analyser

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Name: Skin Moisture Analyser

Measuring range: 0~99.9%; Ambient temperature: 5~40°C, relative humidity below 70% (°C)
Custom processing: Yes
Accuracy: 1.5%
Power supply voltage: 1.5 (V)
Dimensions: 5~40°C, relative humidity below 70% (°C)
Moisture Oil Tester Product Overview:
This instrument is a high precision skin moisture/oil meter using the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. Guide your skin for delicate care while keeping your skin free of any damage.

The Biggest Features Of Skin Moisture Analyser:

One button: one button, the operation is very simple.
Double display: Shows both skin moisture and oil percentage values.
1. Accurately measure the volume percentage of the skin's comprehensive nutrient moisture rate; digital double display, intuitive and clear.
2. With true bio-sensing technology, there is no damage to the skin.
3. High precision.
4. One-button operation is very simple, automatic shutdown, beautiful appearance, environmental protection gift box packaging, exquisite and generous;
5. The normal value of typical parts have shown in illustrated Instructions, which is convenient for guiding nursing care.
6. Safety guarantee: the probe can be disinfected with alcohol when it is not used for a long time or used by different people, avoiding cross infection of skin diseases;
7. Measuring the absorption of cosmetics is very easy

The first use instructions:

1. Just press the test button “SCAN” once, the backlight is turned on and the “drip” sounds, and the LCD number flashes;
2. Wait for the LCD number to stabilize after zeroing (ie, display two rows of 00.0% at the same time); then you can enter the test phase;
3. The probe is perpendicular to the test site and close to the skin (remember to press the test probe as far as possible into the shell). After about 3 seconds, the LCD will display the moisture and oil value;
4. Pressing the test button “SCAN” at any time will enter the retest ready state and can be tested again.
5. After the test is completed for 20 seconds, the backlight is off, and there is no operation for about 40 seconds to automatically shut down;
1. In order to obtain accurate measurement results, please select no sweat, no body hair, no cosmetic parts test at room temperature.
2. This product is a precision instrument. After use, wipe the test probe with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or thin tissue paper and put it into the box.
The Second common problems:
1. After the boot or continuous test display shows "00.0%" continuous flashing, and there is no prompt tone, indicating that the probe is contaminated, please clean the test probe;
2. When the test shows "UUU", the test overtime;
3. When “ERR” is displayed during the test, the test probe does not stick to the surface to be tested, and no data is collected. Please press the test probe vertically to the tested part;
4. When the display shows "LO", the battery voltage is low, consider re-changing the battery;
The third
Please check with Illustration instruciotns for better skin care
The morning measurement of getting up is less than 5% of the normal range, please pay attention to skin care!

The forth use of attention:

1. When “LO” is displayed, the battery is insufficient. Please change the battery. When replacing the battery, please open the battery cover, press "+", "-" pole to install a battery of the same specification, and then cover the battery cover;
2. When "UUU, ERR" is displayed, the test overtime or test error is indicated. Please test again;
3. Please disinfect the test head when using it for a long time or when using it by different people;
4. Do not use the affected area or injured skin;
5. Sweating and do not use under high temperature, high humidity conditions.
The fifth skin Moisture Analyser maintenance:
1. Keep it clean;
2. Please do not disassemble the instrument;
3. Do not store in high temperature, high humidity, harmful gases, etc.;
4. please put it in the box after use (if you do not use the instrument for a long time, please take out the battery);
5. Do not invade the instrument by water or other liquids. Do not wipe the instrument with acid or alkaline liquid.

The sixth main parameters:

1. The use temperature: 5 ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity of 70% or less;
2. Measuring range: 0~99.9%;
3. Size: 145mm × 45mm × 28 mm Weight: 65g
Warm little common sense:
Moisture is the basic substance of the skin. Is the woman made of water?
The cruel reality tells women: adult women are still short of water than men, but our daily care is very inadequate, and the old age is easy to become a reality!
Dominant water shortage: It is a common state of female skin! Skin aging, muscle relaxation, dull gloss, crow's feet appearing, wrinkles increase...
Implicit water shortage: I am only 20 years old, how can I not feel it?
Only an accurate skin water tester can tell you if there is water shortage. If there is water shortage, the skin will be in a sub-health state, which will accelerate the dominant water shortage.
What should I do if there is water shortage?
Frequently use high-precision testing equipment for skin moisture testing, using the care products under the guidance of the test data, so that the skin moisture content is always balanced, or the basis of whitening, freckle, wrinkle, acne---- It is difficult to achieve the desired effect of the care of the skin with insufficient moisture.
The delicate skin of the water is the longing for every woman, beautiful skin, beautiful life
1. Keep the instrument clean;
2. Please do not disassemble the instrument privately;
3. Do not store in high temperature, high humidity, harmful gases, etc.;
4. Please put it in the box after use; if the instrument is not used for a long time, please take out the battery and store it;
5. Do not allow water and other liquids to immerse into the instrument; disable acid and alkaline liquids to wipe the instrument.


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Skin value instructions in difference seasons

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