TPE Pillow

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Product Name:TPE Pillow
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Fashion Gifts Hot Sale 100% Natural TPE Pillow Gel Cool for Sleeping Neck Pillow Gel TPE Grid Pillow Silicone TPE Pillow New Sleeping Experience Quick Rebound No Deformation Pressure Free Washable TPE Gel Pillow


Product Name:

TPE Pillow

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T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram

Product Size:

Flat Pillow 60x40x8cm

Wave Pillow 52x35x8.5/10cm

Kid Pillow 55x35x7cm


Flat Pillow-3815g

Wave Pillow-3170g

Kid Pillow-1600g

TPE Pillow from with Bionic Structure Stable Support

The high elastic body material and the bionic structure in the shape of bird's nest create the stable support of the dynamic pressure pillow, which can quickly and uniformly disperse the pressure through the triangle mesh, automatically match the changing height of the sleeping position, maintain the natural physiological curvature, prevent the feeling of suspension and hard objects, and uniformly release the pressure of the head and cervical vertebra.


TPE Pillow with Instantly Cool Feeling Cool Without Ice

Dynamic pressure pillow adopts TPE high elastic body material, the material is smooth and cool, light and skin-friendly, hollow

out grille design to maintain the circulation of fresh air inside the pillow, heat dissipation is rapid, not stuffy not dry, the

head and neck no longer stuffy sweat, feel the beautiful moment of summer night


TPE Pillow In Feeling Fit No Gap to Caress

Including three support scale dispersing pressure of head and neck, A lower area radian, fit easily into your head, strong retainer fall asleep quickly, B area C area according to the dynamic design, people turn neck support does not collapse, regardless of the supine side sleeping, to realize the seamless joint package type, each radian can keep natural stretches the state of the head and neck and caress your quality of sleep


TPE Pillow from with Utegated Stucture Wash Easy. Super elastic polymerization and comfortable mesh are formed in one body, which is soft without loss of toughness and durable and stable rebound. The pillow can be washed and continuously extruded without deformation. After SGS washing test for 30 times, it is fresh and breathable without peculiar smell.

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