Dust Proof Bag

Dust Proof Bag

Item Number:19070761
Product Name:Dust Proof Bag
Product Color/Logo:See Photos or Customized
Product Material:80gsm non woven
Net Weight:150g
Product Size:60x90cm(small size) 60x120cm( Medium size)
Payment:T/T,Paypal,West Union
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Product Details

Non-Woven Garment Bag Non-woven Breathable Suit Cover Garment Bags With Transparent Window


Product Name:

Dust Proof Bag

Product Color/Logo

See Photos or Customized

Product Material

80gsm non woven

Net Weight


Product Size

60x90cm(small size) 60x120cm( Medium size)


T/T,Paypal,West Union

Dust proof bags garment bags are always a popular giveaway because everyone can use them. This dust proof bags non-woven garment bag is perfect to imprint your logo on and keep your clothes wrinkle free. Imprint your logo and you'll be swinging from clothing racks in homes and hotels everywhere.
Printed dust cover printing proof bag, it’s a good helper for life!
The printed dust cover dust proof bag can effectively prevent moldy, moth, dust and others, so that the clothes always stay as bright as new. Save closet space, keep it straight and neat. 

Dust Proof Bag Features:

1.High-quality non-woven fabrics are processed with high-quality fibers and they are soft and breathable;

2.Transparent window, put clothes inside at a glance, easy to take, a small opening at the top is good for hanging clothes;

3.High-quality zipper for easy take or put into the clothes;

4.It's thin layer after folding, easy to store cloths next time;

5.The workmanship is exquisite, does not take off the sewing line, and the bottom is closed to prevent dust from flying in. It is highly practical.

What material is good for clothes dust cover

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