Silicone Wristband with Metal Clip

Item Number: 19070449
It is Silicone Slap Bracelet
Also known as Snap Bracelet, with flexible stainless steel spring bands inside. This kind of bracelet is wrapped by silicone cover, which makes it soft and gentle, no harm to your wrist, and also environmental friendly.
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Branded Promotional Silicone Wristbands with Metal Clip Fashionable Silicone Bracelet


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Silicone Wristband With Metal Clip

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Silicone Wristband With Metal Clip Avaiable Sizes: Perimeter*width*thickness

Packing:100pcs per bag ,2000pcs per carton,carton size:47x32x32cm,gross weight around 13kgs or customized packing


Silicone Wristband With Metal Clip Process:

1. Engraved silicone bracelet: directly engraved on the mold, the bracelet needs to open the mold, the small amount is not recommended. It is the lettering bracelet that people often say. The types are roughly divided into two kinds of "concave silicone bracelets" and "convex silicone bracelets".


2. Printing silicone bracelet: It is a silicone bracelet that is free of mold. If the special size needs to open the mold, the printing bracelet is divided into multi-color silk screen, monochrome silk screen printing, multi-color overprinting, which is a kind of faster production. Silicone bracelet.


3. Filling the silicone bracelet: This type of bracelet is a bracelet that adds a color to the first step. This will play a more obvious effect of LOGO and strengthen the awareness of LOGO.


4. Segmented Silicone Bracelet: This type of bracelet is formed by simultaneously molding different colors of glue together, forming a segmented bracelet between each color segment, which makes the bracelet of the hand more attractive to the eye.


5. Camouflage silicone bracelet: This kind of bracelet is mixed with a lot of color glue in the rubber mixing, and then the vulcanization processing in the mold, the color of the silicone bracelet is diverse, and it is more sought after by the boys and girls.


6. Luminous silicone bracelet: This kind of bracelet is mixed with phosphor when mixing rubber. When molding, it is the same as ordinary silicone bracelet. You need to see the fluorescent effect at night, there are red, green and blue light. At night, it is even more compelling.





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