Ice Towel

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Net Weight: 160gsm
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It is durable design paired with workable science here to bring you the best cooling for your dollar, our promise!
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Ice Towel

Product Color/Logo

See Photos or Customized

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30x90cm/30x100cm or customized


T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram

COOLING QUICKLY- the materials keep the towel staying cool and freezing once you simply soak in water, wring it and snap it. If the towel becomes warm, you just need to reactivate it through repeating the procedure. It always keeps your body cool when you are working out!

EASY BREEZY – There are no complicated instructions here. Simply remove the Chill Pal, soak it in cold water, wring it out, and its ready to drape around your neck. If it starts to get warmer, simply rinse and repeat, and stay cool while fishing, hunting, hiking, or even on the job. Chill Pal also makes the PERFECT gift and stocking stuffer for the whole family! Click "Add to Cart" and we'll send it on it's way.

HIGH QUALITY AND 100% SAFE (RoSH Approved)- It would be an excellent gift for your families or friends since our products don’t contains any chemicals during the manufacturing process. It is suitable for all types of people included kids. It absorbs all high temperature from your body and provide the best experience during your workout.

SUPER CONVENIENT- You can use it in any place where sweat wets you. Our cooling towel is lightweight and the size is the most appropriate, so you can always bring it with you while you go out in the summer. And it’s suitable for all sports that make you sweat and steam. If the towel turns warm, you just need to soak in water, wring and snap it again. After that, you can enjoy the evaporation and cool on your body with this towel!

THE SECRET – Truly, there isn’t one. We use high grade and extra thick PVA with evaporative technology. The more water it comfortably holds, the longer it takes to evaporate, which means the longer it stays cool for you! It is durable design paired with workable science here to bring you the best cooling for your dollar, our promise!

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