3doodler Printing Pen Design Highlights

- Mar 26, 2020-

3doodler Printing Pen Design Highlights:

1. Lightweight product design. Avoid hand fatigue after long-term operation of similar products on the market;

2. Slim design of the grip. There are also several 3D pens on the market, but they are basically bulky and heavy, which is not conducive to gripping operation. This product we launched, in terms of appearance, weight, volume, and thickness, was designed as much as possible for the user. Meet the needs of children, students, and adults. Refined design of the pen body part;

3. Stepless speed regulation design. In view of the design and operation defects of some three-dimensional pens on the market, we believe that, as a three-dimensional pen, the user must be hastily and slowly when operating. But unfortunately, the current products on the market either have no speed regulation function or a simple gear switch for speed regulation, and some even use the speed switch as an ornament without practical use. Even if the speed is adjusted with a gear, it must be controlled in advance or with the other hand. This loses the true meaning of speed regulation. We have tried and tested many times, and added the stepless speed regulation function in the design. In the process of use, the user can freely adjust the speed according to the movement of his hand, so that the user can truly do whatever he wants when creating the three-dimensional painting. flexible;

4. Insertion design of heating ring and nozzle. During the development phase, we purchased and compared several products on the market and found that such products are failing designs in the strict sense. Regardless of appearance and use, the most important thing is the replacement of wearing parts by users in the future. And maintenance is a big headache. If the heating coil is burnt out or the nozzle is blocked, the user must disassemble and replace the entire product with bare hands. The fatal reason is that the internal design is unreasonable, and often the user cannot install it again after disassembly. It took three or four hundred or even six or seven hundred to buy it back. As a result, as long as one part was broken, the product was scrapped. This is unbearable for any user. We have optimized and improved the design based on the above defects. The heating coil and nozzle are integrated plug-in design. As long as the button is pressed lightly, the user can remove the necrotic heating coil and nozzle by themselves and replace them. No need for guidance from the manufacturer or dealer or return for repair. Reduce unnecessary troubles for users, distributors and manufacturers;

5. Temperature adjustable design. Similarly, we have dissected the only several pens currently on the market: the temperature is a fixed design, which causes users a lot of trouble trying to use drawing consumables without melting points. Real products need more consideration for users. So we opened the temperature adjustment function. Users can adjust according to different consumables to achieve the optimal temperature.

6. Intelligent standby function design. When the user breaks during operation or forgets to turn off the power, the product will automatically switch to standby after 5 minutes. The heating coil will stop working. The heating will not start until the user triggers again.

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