4 Port Travel Phone Stand,4 Port USB Hub With Phone Stand

- Feb 19, 2020-

What to do if the 4 port travel phone stand doesn't recognize it?

Summary: Usb splitter,4 port travel phone stand fails, it can not be used, it can not be displayed on the computer, some even new ones will have this problem, what is the reason why the USB splitter cannot be used? There are mainly the following.

USB splitter,4 port travel phone stand does not recognize USB splitter does not work

1. The contact between the splitter and the computer is bad. If the splitter is not in good contact, the digital equipment connected to the splitter cannot be used. We can check whether the interface of the splitter and the interface connected to the computer are plugged in , Use a tool to wipe the copper sheet on the interface.

2. If the newly purchased USB splitter,4 port travel phone stand cannot be used, there may be a problem with the quality of the splitter. It is recommended that consumers try it by the way. There are some illegal merchants on the market that sell 1.0 connectors.

3. When all four interfaces are used at the same time, if one of them cannot be used, for example, if the removable hard disk is not available, first unplug the other three to see if the removable hard disk is available. Explain that this splitter does not move the hard disk. See if the splitter has an external power supply, and it cannot be used when connected to an external power supply, then the quality of the splitter chip is not so good.

4. Compatibility problems will also make the splitter unusable, so the suggestion is to buy a good USB splitter of the brand.

5. The splitter,4 port travel phone stand is good. It can be used with a digital device, but it cannot be used with larger devices such as mobile hard disks and some smart phones. The output voltage of the USB interface of the computer is 5V, so use a large Digital devices when used alone.