Advantages and disadvantages of sports cooling towels and how to use them?

- Feb 25, 2020-

Advantages and disadvantages of sports cooling towels and how to use them?

The cold towel we use in sports and fitness is also one of the quick-drying towels. This towel is very popular with consumers. But there are also many advantages and disadvantages. Let me introduce you to its use and advantages and disadvantages.

1. Sports cooling towel can keep cold for a long time. If it gets hot after wiping sweat, throw it away immediately and it will get cold again. Even the best quality cotton towel, wood fiber and bamboo fiber towel are made. Less than.

2. After soaking in hot or cold water, wring dry and shake for 3 seconds to become cold. The cold feeling can last for more than 5-7 hours.

3. Since sports cooling towels are lightweight, they are easy to carry.

4. Cooling towels ,ice towels,cool cold towels have the functions of preventing mites, static electricity, and ultraviolet rays, and are especially suitable for outdoor sports or people engaged in outdoor work.

5. Due to fast drying speed, it is one of the essential items for cooling and preventing heatstroke in summer.

6. This kind of  cooling towel adopts active printing and dyeing technology. It does not contain formaldehyde and fluorescent agent. It is a towel that can be used safely.

7.Cooling towels ,ice towels ,cool cold towels are soft and comfortable, and can be used on sensitive skin. Compared with cotton towels of the same quality, the price is higher.

* The cooling towels ice towels can be used to wash face and take bath!

A moist cooling towel can washinng any part of the body. If it has a fever, wiping the body with a cold towel can quickly cool down the body temperature and kill bacteria. Because the cooling towel has a good decontamination effect and does not shed hair, it can be used to wipe glass instruments, glasses, lenses, precision instruments, etc., without scratching the lenses and lenses.

 * How to deal with ice towel after running out

After using  ice towels, many people will be tangled and need to wash. In fact, whether it is cooling towels,ice towel or  towels made of other materials, fashion gifts recommends that you wash them regularly. Because the towel will stick to some grease during use, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause the towel to turn yellow, sticky, black or even moldy. If you wipe something particularly dirty with a towel, fashion gifts recommended to wash it immediately.

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