Aluminum Water Bottles Aluminum Sport Bottle

- Feb 03, 2020-

Aluminum sports bottle,Aluminum water bottles  are the best water equipment for outdoor sports such as leisure, camping, tourism, and bicycles. At present, the series of fashionable leisure sports kettles we promote are made of light pure aluminum AOO material through one-time hydraulic pressure of 500 tons. It has the characteristics of unbreakable, light weight, corrosion resistance and leakage prevention, which are mainly reflected in the following seven characteristics:

1.Material: The pot body is made of pure aluminum AOO (more than 99.7% of high-grade food container aluminum) in a single extrusion;

2. Hygiene: The inner coating is food-grade epoxy resin, which complies with international CE standards;

3. Leak-proof: seamless structure, extended thread, completely leak-proof;

4. Durable: Adopt proprietary flexible internal coating, never crack and fall off;

5. Exquisite: Pan-compatible outer coating, smooth and natural color connection;

6. Fashion: Professional designers continue to introduce fashion models;

7. Environmental protection: hygienic and safe, 100% recyclable.