Anti-myopia pen principle and The role of anti-myopia pen

- Jan 11, 2020-

Anti-myopia pen principle: Anti-myopia pen belongs to a writing pen with a built-in sensor and a smart chip. A 360 ° infrared electronic eye is set at the end of the pen body to monitor writing down. When the eye is close to the desktop, the pen core automatically retracts into the pen At the tip of the pen, touch sensing is set. When the finger wraps around the pen tip to write, the pen core automatically retracts into the pen. Correct sitting and holding posture, the pen core automatically extends, has a positive effect on protecting eyesight.

The role of anti-myopia pen, as the name implies, is to prevent the occurrence of myopia, or to delay the development of myopia. Anti-myopia pen, using intelligent ranging function to control the distance between the eye and the writing pad, automatically and effectively remind the correction of the distance between the eye and the workbook. As long as the head position is too low, the pen tip disappears and you cannot write. You can continue to write after reminding you to correct the head position. Only with the correct posture of the head position can the pen tip be exposed to write. It is a measure to prevent and control myopia, but we still need to pay attention to the control of writing and reading time.

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