Auspicious Symbolism Of The Pen Holder

- Nov 12, 2019-

Auspicious Symbolism Of The Pen Holder:

The pen holder is a symbol of knowledge and identity. The symbol of money and status can reflect the authority of human beings and have a great effect on the development of the cause. Among the many stationery tools, in addition to pen and ink, the pen holder has also attracted widespread attention in the collection market.

As a kind of art with both artistic value and use value, it is getting more and more collectors' favor. The pen holder is the most important stationery in ancient China except pen, ink, paper, and enamel. It is deeply loved by scholars.

The pen holder has developed to today, and its production materials are various, including pottery, wood, bamboo, metal, ivory, jade plastic, iron, silica gel, etc., the most of which are plastic, iron, and silicone pen holders; , square, four sides, six sides, single diamond, double diamond, beam mouth, waist, etc., can be described as different forms.

If engraved and printed on the inner and outer walls of the pen holder

The pen holder is square and has a corner, meaning “in all directions”. The set of circles in the square means the place of heaven and earth. The four-party pen holder simply describes the Quartet Peace, the Four Gods: Qinglong. White tiger. Suzaku. Xuanwu. This four gods came from Wadang in the Han Dynasty. It is a symbol of auspicious noble. Combine them together. It is a big career. There is no victory in the battle. I want to make things happen.

Various mascot designs show a variety of mascots. Bringing people auspicious atmosphere...

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