Baby Fabric Book Recommended

- Jan 18, 2020-

Baby fabric book is a good workmanship, not torn, can be washed without discoloration, cloth velvet material does not lint, baby can bite.

The cartoon frog with a picture pocket is cute and attracts the baby ’s attention. The cover is exquisite with flower embroidery, the expression is vivid and cute, and the baby is more receptive and favorite. The pattern matching allows the baby to train the baby ’s brain and hands-on ability by identifying basic simple graphics. Let the baby watch the clock from elementary school To cultivate the baby's sense of time concept from an early age, both the hour and minute hands can be turned. The baby can use his small hand to dial and point to different times. It is recommended that parents and children interact and play together. The button sun flower can exercise the baby's small hands to refine the movements, let the baby learn to discover and explore, from the elementary school will buckle buttons, commonly used buckle learning, let the baby learn to use the buckle, triggering the baby's curiosity about things. Cute cartoon caterpillar eat .The leaves are used to attract the baby to press the concealed buttons and buttons, and the graphics directions match. Through multiple studies, it is difficult for many babies to learn how to tie the shoelaces by the buttons. Through cartoon simulation shoes, let the baby practice how to tie the laces. Beautiful dress inlaid with zipper, let the baby learn how to pull the zipper. Baby tactile exercise, let the baby close his eyes, use his small hand to feel the touch of 4 different material graphics, enhance the baby's perception of the surrounding things, exercise the baby's thinking-related exercises.The sun flower cloth book has a BB cover on the cover and a ringing paper on the last page to attract the baby's attention, increase the baby's curiosity, and make the cloth book more interesting.