Baby Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

- Feb 12, 2020-

In summer, babies are often bitten by mosquitoes. When the baby's tender skin is bitten by a mosquito, it will have a big red envelope. It hurts mommy. This baby mosquito repellent bracelet can effectively prevent mosquito bites.

Baby mosquito repellent bracelet features: Formulated with natural plant essential oils, carefully developed, special mosquito repellent, antipruritic, pure natural ingredients, does not contain any pesticides and pesticides, please rest assured. "When the mosquito repellent bracelet was invented, it was actually specially prepared for babies and children, as well as the elderly, the weak, and the elderly. Because many mosquito repellent products on the market have side effects and are not suitable for use by special people, the baby mosquito repellent bracelet is completely pure. Made from natural lemongrass essential oil, it does not contain any chemical ingredients such as amines! Non-toxic and harmless! Baby wears non-contaminated clothing, no irritation, avoids mosquito bites, and the warm and calm herbal smell can also soothe the psychology of infants. Because there are many mosquitoes in the summer, it will cause your baby to sleep instability at night and cry constantly. In addition to effectively repellent mosquitoes, the design of the bracelet is also dynamic and stylish, very decorative.

[Baby mosquito repellent bracelet supplementary note]

1. The skin-sensitive MM is careful to bring this bracelet. Rinse with water in case of allergic reactions.

2. Please refer to the above description; do not throw the unwrapped wristband outer packaging. Putting it back into the packaging in time after use will extend its service life. Bring it when you go out and bring it back home. Sealed in the original packaging, so it can be used for a long time.

About materials and smells:

This baby mosquito repellent bracelet is made of pure natural lemongrass essential oil, and the smell is a bit strong. Although the smell of lemongrass may be a bit strong, it is absolutely natural and non-toxic. It relies on the smell of the plant to repel mosquitoes! Not chemistry! To maintain a long-lasting mosquito repellent effect, a certain degree of odor is required.