Ballpoint Pen

- Nov 13, 2019-

A lifting process for determining the writing sequence of two intersecting ballpoint pen strokes

The authors describe a technique for determining the order in which two intersecting ballpoint pen strokes were made by means of lifting part of the ink with KromeKote paper. The KromeKote paper is applied to the intersection with the glossy side against the writing. The back of the lifting paper is rubbed with a blunt pointed instrument using moderate pressure. Study of the lift under low magnification discloses a pattern of edge markings with those from the last written line dominating the intersection. Results show a high percentage of accuracy.

Determination of writing sequence of strokes of ballpoint pen versus ball-point pen and other conventional writing instruments

A simple lifting technique has been suggested to determine the sequence of ballpoint pen strokes vis-a-vis the ball-point pen strokes/lead pencils/coloured pencils/fountain pen strokes. The strips of developed photography glossy paper with a white background that are usually thrown away as scraps are used for lifting purpose. The glossy side of the paper is first treated with minimal quantity of pyridine and then placed over the intersection. The back of the lifting paper is rubbed smoothly and uniformly using moderate pressure. The sequence of strokes could be easily determined from the “lift” even by naked eye.

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