Ballpoint Pen

- Nov 13, 2019-

Although there are many types of pens, it is more widely used by people than ballpoint pens.

The ballpoint pen is mainly composed of three parts: the button, the pen body and the refill. Just like our body. Although it is said to be the three main parts, the final result is still a refill. Look carefully at the tip of the refill, in fact, a bead with a diameter of about 0.05 mm is embedded in the tip. The ball is rubbed with the paper surface during writing to roll the ball and bring out the ink to achieve the purpose of writing. If the quality of the ballpoint pen is good, it is very easy to use and one hundred percent is convenient. When the ball is used to drive the ink, it may leave the ink on the tee, but the probability of occurrence depends on its quality. Ballpoint pens are versatile and have many advantages, so many elementary school students use it. Primary school students can use it for homework. Middle school students can write notes and more. Moreover, the ballpoint pen is very durable, simple in structure, easy to carry, and very convenient.

In fact, the ballpoint pen is the same as us, and it has a long life. Once the ink in the refill is used up, or the ball is damaged, like ours, life is almost over. Although the ink is used up, after the ball is damaged, you can change a refill, but this ballpoint pen is no longer the original ballpoint pen. His life is coming to an end. It has been dedicated for a lifetime and can only be People lost and were forgotten.

We should learn from ballpoint pens and dedicate ourselves to life. Even if life is over, we will continue to sacrifice ourselves and benefit others. This spirit of silent dedication is worth learning.

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