Bamboo Travel Cup,Bamboo Coffee Cup

- Mar 17, 2020-

Bamboo Travel Cup,Bamboo Coffee Cup is fired with bamboo powder at high temperature. In fact, it is no different from ordinary cups except that it is more environmentally friendly.

Bamboo fiber uses bamboo as a raw material and is processed by a special high-tech process to extract cellulose from bamboo and regenerated fibers made by processes such as making rubber and spinning. Because the growth of bamboo does not require the application of various fertilizers, it can generate negative ions by itself, and it is insect-proof and antibacterial, so it avoids various types of pollution.

Features of bamboo fiber:

1) Antibacterial and bacteriostatic function. The same number of bacteria can be observed under a microscope. Bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, while bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed by about 75% after 24 hours.

2) Deodorization and adsorption function. The special ultra-fine pore structure inside the bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption ability, which can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air to eliminate bad odor.

3) Moisture absorbing and dehumidifying function, the cross section of bamboo fiber is uneven, deformed, covered with oval-shaped pores, is highly hollow, has a strong capillary effect, and can absorb and evaporate moisture in an instant

4) Super anti-ultraviolet function, the UV transmittance of cotton is 25%, the UV transmittance of bamboo fiber is less than 0.6%, and its UV resistance is 41.7 times that of cotton.

5) Super health-care function. Bamboo is rich in trace elements such as pectin, bamboo honey, tyrosine, vitamin E, SE, GE and other anti-cancer and anti-aging functions.

6) Comfortable and beautiful function, fine bamboo fiber unit fineness, good whiteness, elegant color after dyeing, bright and real, not easy to fade, bright and shiny, plump and smooth, elegant, good drape, with a natural simple elegance .