Bicycle rainproof seat cover bicycle waterproof seat Cover bicycle saddle covers,

- Jan 21, 2020-

The bicycle rainproof seat cover,bicycle waterproof seat Cover,bicycle saddle covers, includes a cover surface and an opening, the cover surface is made of a waterproof material, the opening is located in the middle of the cover surface, and the opening is provided with a zipper, which can remove the seat cover well Hidden under the seat, only used on rainy fashion, can make the seat cover last longer. The waterproof material is water-proof and breathable cloth, plastic, leather or waterproof cloth, and the cover surface has a sponge layer inside. The bicycle rain-proof seat cover of the present utility model is provided with a bicycle seat cover on the basis of the original bicycle seat, which can protect the bicycle seat well, and the design of the zipper opening can facilitate the installation and removal of the bicycle seat cover. , Simple structure, low price, easy to use, and low manufacturing cost.


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