Bottle umbrella

- Nov 10, 2019-

7 small tricks to maintain the Bottle umbrella

1. After the Bottle umbrella has been used, it should be placed in a ventilated, dry place to open and dry, and a small amount of lubricating oil on the rib and the handle to prevent rust and mold.

2. Before opening the Bottle umbrella, shake the umbrella surface, straighten the rib, and then slowly open it to prevent breakage.

3. Do not hang the Bottle umbrella on the alkaline limestone wall to prevent the umbrella surface from becoming brittle.

4. Do not use the Bottle umbrella to pick things, do not use the umbrella as a walking stick, do not let the umbrella close to high temperature, can prevent the umbrella from deforming.

5. The new Bottle umbrella should not be used for a long time, so as not to be stored for too long and become brittle.

6. In addition, the sun Inverted Umbrellas should be wiped clean, dried, put it at room temperature for a while, then put it up, it can't be very hot and it will be put away. It is easy to make the Inverted Umbrellas surface aging, brittle and easy to rotten.

7. When the umbrella is folded, hold the top of the umbrella. Try not to touch the hand of the umbrella and the surface of the umbrella with the hand of the sweat stain, so as to avoid the imprinting in the future and affect the appearance.

Umbrella printing technology:

The personality pattern on the umbrella can show the personality and attract the eye, so many merchants also use it as a publicity product, which is also a genuine print. The most commonly used umbrella printing methods are silk screen printing, hot stamping, offset printing, digital thermal transfer, rotary screen machine printing, and machine thermal transfer. . . Of course, all kinds of printing methods have their own merits. Silk screen umbrellas, the price is relatively cheap, the quantity requirements are not very high, but there are some restrictions on the color. If the color is large, the printing area is large, and the color effect of the gradient color has certain difficulty. Of course, with the continuous improvement of silk screen technology. Full-page color printing can now be realized, but the price version is not cheaper than thermal transfer. Offset printing is usually used to print on paper. It uses thermal transfer dispersing ink to transfer the pattern on the paper to the fabric through high temperature. On the other hand, some are also called sublimation, but the printing area of offset printing is limited, and it is single-chip printing, so it can only be used on a separate single logo. The advantage of digital thermal transfer is that there is no limit to color, high color reproduction, and small batch printing, but the disadvantage is that the cost is much higher than silk screen printing. The most economical thing is that the rotary screen machine is printed, the printing fee is also low, the printing fee is also very cheap, but the fabric needs to be wasted a lot of fabrics, and the printed pattern is not very bright, and the conditions are limited. Printing before coating, so there will be some aliasing after printing. If the number of precision is high and economical, then choose to use machine thermal transfer, but the version is expensive and the number of prints is large, so it is suitable.

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