Carabiner Compass Keychain

- Feb 22, 2020-

How to use the compass (north),Carabiner Compass Keychain:

1. Lay down the compass (north) needle and turntable compass (north) needle, as long as the dial stops rotating, just look at the words on the dial. In the Chinese version, the direction of north-south, east-west, and north-south is east-west and north-south. In the English version, N is north, S is south, and E is east. W is west.

2. The red needle of the pointer compass (north) is North (N). When the pointer is flat, wait for the pointer to stop rotating. Turn the compass slowly, and the N on the dial inside is aligned. The direction pointed by the red needle. Then read the direction of East (E); West (W); South (S); North (N) on the dial is the correct direction.


1. The red needle of some Chinese version of the compass is south. When the needle is aligned, the red needle must be aligned with south S (that is, 180 degrees), so that the direction on the dial is correct. This is not a guide (north) needle is done wrong, but according to our traditional Chinese standards. The compass (north) needle you use must remember whether the red needle is the compass or the north.

2. When using the compass (north) needle, there must be no iron, magnets and other items that interfere with the compass (north) needle; the compass (north) needle must be flat (more importantly, the needle or dial inside should be flat) )

3. Part of the car guide (North) ball In order to save effort and time for the driver, the guide (North) ball is manufactured in the opposite direction. The driver sat in the cab and saw the words above the guide (north) ball in front: East, that is, the direction of the car's forward is east. The guide (north) ball used by himself should confirm whether reverse manufacturing is used.

4. When the compass (north) needle is not in use, it should be kept away from magnets, iron and other magnetic items at a constant temperature.