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- Jan 17, 2020-

The cloth infant books have a history of nearly 100 years. It has been very popular in developed countries for more than 20 years and has been widely respected by infant education experts. It has been recognized as "the best soft educational book for little babies" due to its domestic development and design. Constraints on capacity, consumption consciousness, and consumption power have been blank in China. In November 2002 it opened the history of the development of cloth infant books in China.

It’s can be used when the baby was born. Cloth infant books application for  a baby from 0 to 3 months, parents can hang color books, family characters and other cloth books in the place of 20-30CM of the baby's eyes, and touch or swing in front of the baby to arouse his interest, but the time should not be too long. Do not rotate too fast. Parents can fiddle with the cover of the palm book to make the sound of the ringing paper, cultivate the baby's concentration of hearing and response to the sound, and let the baby find the sound source. He held it and repeatedly put it in and out, allowing the baby to practice holding and feeling about objects, promoting the development of hand-eye coordination. The palm of the hand was placed at the level of the palm of the hand, so that the baby could stimulate the ability to grasp.Tone to talk to the baby and make him laugh. This can make the baby know the parents early, and make the baby feel safe and willing to send messages, which is conducive to the baby's intellectual development.

The cloth infant books are made of cotton cloth: cotton cloth can be printed with text and patterns, but does not generate static electricity and stain the dust like a plush toy, reducing the chance of dust allergies in the baby; filling cotton or sponge in the middle: bringing softness to the baby,comfortable feeling, enhance learning and playing fun; equipped with dolls, rattles, BB devices, buckles, Velcro, safe toy mirrors, a variety of tactile training materials, etc. This is based on the needs of learning functions, combined with the baby The contents of the book are carefully arranged; there are a variety of moving parts, which provide the baby with a space to actively sense and detect ...

Parents can also make cloth books for their babies by themselves. They can use the safe and non-toxic materials at home to sew love and their own ideas with patience and stitches, and make them into a collection of safety, early education and entertainment. The hand-made cloth book is non-toxic and safe. It is a veritable cloth book. It can be replaced with pictures and baby photos. It teaches baby to recognize colors, graphics, fruits, animals, clocks, numbers, Count, add and subtract, press hidden buttons, and more.

Too simple to read the contents of baby cloth books is the biggest misunderstanding of cloth books! The cloth book is designed based on the baby's cognitive ability. It belongs to the baby's own book and should be understood from the baby's perspective. The baby's learning, exploration, and growth process is quiet, slow, and no obvious destination. It’s carried out, but in it, the comprehensive ability of the baby is also improved without obvious traces; when your baby sees a cloth book, points to it, reaches for it, opens the pages, picks up the bear in the book, This little action has established 6 kinds of connections and stored in the brain. The baby's thinking ability is constantly improved in such a small process ..

Compared with plush, plastic, wooden toys, etc., generally cloth infant books have the following advantages:

1, more secure: reflected in non-toxic, soft, not torn, can eat and bite, not hurt your hands, not allergies, etc.

2. The colors are more vivid, and a variety of activity dolls make it more interesting and interactive;

3. Through the combination of multiple materials, dolls, multiple moving parts and content, the baby is provided with more sufficient space for active perception and detection;

4. It can be adjusted according to your baby's cognitive ability. It is a good prop for interactive games.

Compared with paper books, cloth infant books have the following advantages:

1. Baby cloth book is really a book for babies! It's baby's own book! It is a book that the baby actively senses and explores!

2. Baby cloth books are highly entertaining and interactive, and paper books cannot be compared;

3. Limited by the baby's cognitive ability, any text is recognized as a graphic in the baby's eyes, and paper books are passive reading for the baby。