Collapsible Cup with Pill Box,Foldable Plastic Water Cup

- Mar 14, 2020-

A portable collapsible cup with pill box /Foldable Plastic Water Cup is characterized in that the portable medicine box has a detachable upper cover and a lower cover that fit together, and the upper cover has an internal medicine-containing space, and The upper side is provided with an opening-closing device for opening the internal medicine-containing space, and a space formed between the upper cover and the lower cover is provided with a folding water cup. By using the portable medicine box with the folding water cup of the present invention, the portability can be utilized. Carry portable medicine, and when you need to take the medicine, you can take out the folding water cup inside to take the water to take the service. This product has a portable medicine box that folds the water cup, which takes up no space and has the function of a water cup, which is very convenient.

Collapsible Cup with Pill Box/Foldable Plastic Water Cup Use: Gently pull up the cup in vertical direction. After checking the seals of the sections, you can fill with water to drink. After use, press the cup gently to close and close, easy to clean; Convenient and sanitary without wasting disposable cups. More environmentally friendly, collapsible cup with pill box is a good partner for your business trips and outings!

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