Collapsible Water Bottles Foldable Water Bottles

- Dec 21, 2019-

The Collapsible Water Bottles is injection molded from transparent, soft latex or polyethylene. The 3 corners of the Collapsible Water Bottles body have bag eyes, which can be worn with knots or straps. It can be carried horizontally, vertically, or hung on On the belt, the irrigation is simple, the drinking is convenient, and the carrying is soft and comfortable; the tourist Collapsible Water Bottles can be used multiple times. The water nozzle of the Collapsible Water Bottles is very important. It should be easy to open and close when necessary, one-handed operation or tooth opening. The Collapsible Water Bottles must be secure.

Performance characteristics:

Firm and leak-proof, resistant to drop 1.5m ten times, keep the complete outer tube, and basic performance

Foldable Can be folded multiple times and still maintain basic performance

Portable: It can be folded and put into a pocket backpack, which is light and easy to carry.

Hygienic The materials used in this product are all recyclable materials, and the materials have passed domestic and foreign food hygiene and safety inspections and are safe.

Can be filled with any carbonated beverages, even disinfectants, detergents, etc.

Economic and fashionable folding Collapsible Water Bottles is cheaper than the kettle made by other processes, and has no limitations in pattern printing compared with the printing process (heat transfer, silk screen) used in other kettle processes. Degree, extremely high color rendering effect, extremely high three-dimensional sense and extremely high fidelity, which are incomparable to the printing of newspapers and magazines. Compared with other kettles, for wholesalers and buyers, the cost of transporting a folded Collapsible Water Bottles is extremely low, because it is small, foldable, and not easy to break, so it is hardly damaged during transportation. Greatly reduce transportation risks.

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