Collapsible Water Bottles Folding Water bags

- Dec 25, 2019-

Folding water bag

Folding water bag is a folding water bottle with a capacity of 480 ml. Product name: Outdoor travel portable foldable, water bag environmental protection water bottle water bottle liquid bottle bag, capacity: 480 ml, material: food-grade PVC, weight: 45 g

Equipped with the same color buckle hanging, easy to hang on bags, belts. It can be stored in the refrigerator, will not be deformed and damaged due to freezing, and can be used as a cold pack for ice packs. Be careful with hot water. BPA-free non-toxic material can be used repeatedly with confidence.

Everything is designed with environmental protection as the goal, and the goal is to end bottled mineral water. It is recommended to use more portable water bottles to allow more people to bring their own drinking water, thereby reducing the use of plastic bottles on the planet. This company has only one product. This innovative soft foldable feature allows the kettle to be used flexibly in various spaces. Compared with the traditional rigid kettle, this model is more suitable as a mobile water container for hiking and can be plugged in at ordinary times On a backpack or waist, fold it into a pocket or backpack after drinking. For a hiker, it can more effectively increase space usage and lighter weight. Although plastic water bottles can be recycled However, the manufacturing and recycling process will produce some environmentally-friendly waste water and waste gas. Therefore, people should minimize the generation of plastic waste. The use of reusable portable water bottles is a good alternative. However, water bottles are usually large and not easy to carry. It is a very good design. It can not only be used repeatedly, but also can be folded up like a toothpaste tube, and placed in a bag, taking up very little space in the pocket.

Although things have become smaller, they still allow us to see the shadow of the ancient wine pouches. The bottle capacity is about 480ml. Be cautious with hot water.

Cleaning method edit

Can be washed with detergent. The water bag can be filled with a small amount of washing spirit, and then filled with 1/2 of the water, cover the mouth, shake vigorously, shake, generate a lot of foam, and let it stand for a while; shake it again and again a few times, and finally put the water release. Then turn on the faucet to fill the water. Do not turn off the water, continue to fill until the washing foam in the bag is completely discharged, repeated several times.

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