Cooling Towel,Ice Towel

- Feb 25, 2020-

A small towel can sweat in time, wipe in time to cool down, convenient and fast, so that people can instantly enjoy the quick and easy cooling down without taking a bath and eating cold drinks.

As a rapid cooling artifact, the use of fashion gifts is very easy. After clear and clean with water, remove some of the water and place it on the part you want to cool (neck, underarms, etc.). It was clear and clean before. I think the ice towel,cooling towel is a bit dry, and you can continue to use it after getting wet. The lower material will harden and become soft after rewetting. When not in use for a long time, it should be completely dried and stored.

The cooling towel,Ice Towel can absorb the moisture and sweat on the human body surface, effectively reduce the human body surface temperature by 20% -30%, and it is soft and comfortable after absorbing water, preventing heat and cooling, and absorbing excess oil. It is a summer fitness sports enthusiast, traveler, and leisure walk. Necessary safety + environmental protection + convenient cooling supplies.

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Ice Towel-1

Ice Towel-2