Cycling Led Light Silicone Waterproof Bicycle Led Night Light

- Feb 19, 2020-

For safety, bicycles are often equipped with reflective devices so that people who drive can notice that someone is in the car at night. The brain-thinking designer has designed a kind of night bicycle light "Egg Bicycle Light" cycling Led light. If such lights become popular, the following terrible scenes may appear on the road in the future: a large flash of light, shaking It's a jerk. Egg warning lights are bicycle rear lights, which can be hung on the back of the seat when in use, or can be hung on the backpack when going out. They will be thrown around when you ride the bicycle. It is this kind of swing of the egg lights that increases visibility, because they are more likely to attract the attention of drivers, and this helps reduce crashes. You only need to pinch the egg to control the light switch. Is it very stylish?