Disposable Bracelets Material Instructions

- Nov 05, 2019-

Disposable Bracelets Material Instructions:

1. Disposable PVC Wristbands

Disposable pvc wrsitbands, environmentally friendly thermal synthetic material, soft and wearable, waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, customers can print relevant information

2.Disposable polyester wristbands

The color of the wristbands can be color-coded according to the design, or the color number specified by the customer. The wristband is environmentally friendly and can be used by children to meet environmental standards

3. Disposable ribbon wristbands

Product material: polyester, nylon, jacquard, thermal transfer, PP and other environmentally friendly materials,

Uses: used in exhibitions, office buildings, various large and small events, concert admission tickets, etc.

4. Tyvek Wristbands: Widely used in gatherings, bars, parties, events, playgrounds, etc., and can print a variety of logos and texts according to your requirements, waterproof, environmentally friendly, convenient, and recognizable

5. Synthetic paper wristbands

Waterproof, strong and wear resistant, not easy to break, and tear resistant and not easy to fall off. Light and soft. Easy to carry, save time and effort, and wear comfortably without hurting your hand. Can be printed according to different requirements, various colors, can be printed with different numbers.

6.Disposable laser wristbands

One-time anti-counterfeiting design to ensure the accuracy of recognition ;

Waterproof, ensure that it is not easy to fall off when used in water;

Smooth and soft, wear and tear resistant;Low price, beautiful appearance.

Printed Tyvek Wristbands