Drink Cup with Straw Printing Process Knowledge

- Nov 11, 2019-

Drink Cup with Straw Printing Process Knowledge

1. The silk screen can print up to 4 colors, which is suitable for simple printing. The color registration requirements are not very complicated. There is no gradient pattern or logo, and the process is relatively cheaper.

 2.thermal transfer can print up to 8 colors, suitable for more complex patterns, the effect is relatively higher than the silk screen, the price is higher, the thermal transfer version costs 350 colors, the version fee is not refundable.

 3.the film can be printed up to 8 colors, similar to thermal transfer, the version costs 500 color, compared to thermal transfer printing coverage area, suitable for straight cups.

 4.uv printing can print up to 4 colors, need to uv machine, suitable for people with high printing fastness, the process effect is far more than silk screen printing, processing costs are slightly higher than silk screen, no version fee.

 5.pvc inserts, suitable for all kinds of pattern requirements, can be transparent effect, suitable for straw cups.

 6.colored paper, printed on paper, suitable for a variety of pattern effects, paper opaque.

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