Electric Nail Clipper ,Baby Nail Trimmer

- Nov 21, 2019-

Electric Nail Clipper, Baby Nail Trimmer is the ideal tool for small portable homes. It is a safe and effective alternative to metal scrapers. The easy-to-handle handle is ergonomically designed and beautifully designed to make you love it. It also removes the rough dead skin and the flaws of the feet, revealing soft skin. The body wash function is cleaner and more hygienic. After use, it can be rinsed straight into the water. There are 6 different grinding heads in the nail kit, which can be replaced according to your needs. Say goodbye to the traditional manual manicure boring tool. The electric nail meter makes the nail more convenient and easy to operate. It can easily create the charm of the nail at home. Safe and convenient, no hand injury, multi-angle bright armor, easy to carry at home or on business trips, using two AA 1.5V alkaline batteries with high-power micro motor, (this machine does not contain battery) is easy to clean, multi-color optional, Beautiful gift box packaging.