Favorite Pen Holder

- Nov 13, 2019-

I have a small desk, though it’s small but fullies equipped.On the desk is a small globe, a white table lamp, a few books, a hand-painted pen holder, and even a pot of green radish. My favorite is the hand-painted pen holder.

This hand-painted pen holder is yellow overall, the mouth is red, and the base is brown. The pen holder hovered around a lifelike dragon. It has a large dragon's head on its head, eyes are stunned, and the beard is black and white. It stretched out with a long red tongue and seemed to be swallowing. Its body is red and red, and four sharp claws seem to catch everything. A long green tail, like a big fan, fanned up and seemed to have endless power. Under the backdrop of a colorful cloud, it is extraordinarily powerful. It gaze at the sky, a look that is unique to me.

I am attached to this pen holder and I have to start from the New Year's Day. The sun was shining that day and the sun was warm on people. I went out shopping with great interest, passing through a plaster painting booth. Among the hundreds of gypsum items with different shapes, I saw this one at a glance. Because we are all descendants of the dragon. But it is still not colored, white and translucent, just like an angel left in the world. Its eyes are full of helplessness and grievances. I made a ghost to pick it up, sit in front of the paint, and paint it in one stroke. Gradually, its color is rich and its expression is tough. I seem to have read gratitude from its eyes.

Since then it has taken a place on my desk. I also love it. There are all kinds of learning tools in the belly, accompanying me to study. Whenever I have no heart to learn and indulge in the game, it has wide eyes, a hate of iron is not steel: learning is like sailing against the water, not going back. Young idler, an old beggar. Whenever I learn to make progress, it seems to squint, a scorpion can teach: You are great, but don't be proud!

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