Features of stemless tumbler

- Dec 28, 2019-

[Features of stemless tumbler]:

1. Stainless steel double-layer vacuum insulation cup structure, excellent insulation performance;

2. The shape of the stemless tumbler is fashionable and beautiful, the surface treatment is exquisite, natural and bright, in line with modern trends and aesthetics, and the unique design of the tea compartment allows you to enjoy the leisure of the product anytime, anywhere;

3. Insulation cup structure, easy to drink, round cup mouth, comfortable taste;

4, can be filled with boiling water, tea, storage of ice cubes;

5, beautiful appearance, easy to use;

6. Bright surface and impact resistance;

7, antibacterial processing, easy to clean;

[Notes for stemless tumbler]:

1. Please avoid impact and fall, so as not to damage the insulation cup and affect the insulation performance.

2. Do not place it near the heat source to avoid affecting the function.

3. Keep out of reach of children to avoid burns.

4. Do not put the cup directly into the microwave oven to heat it.

5. Do not add liquids that are prone to high pressure, such as dry ice and carbonated drinks, and do not add liquids containing salty adults, such as soy sauce and soup, to avoid corrosion of the kettle.

6. After filling with perishable beverages such as milk, please drink and wash as soon as possible to avoid rotten liner after deterioration.

[Insulation Cup Instructions]:

Before use, please wash the cup body with a neutral detergent.

Before use, please add hot water or ice water for pre-cooling and pre-heating, then drain it and then add hot water or ice water again. Tighten the switch and cover clockwise to prevent leakage.

[Notes for stemless tumbler]:

The amount of boiling water should not be too full, and the excess will overflow when screwing the lid, and there is a danger of burns.

Keep out of reach of children and avoid scalding.

Avoid scalding when adding boiling water. Because of the heat insulation, the outside of the cup will not generate heat when adding hot drinks.

Avoid overturning, falling, collision and strong impact, which will cause deformation of the cup body and reduce the insulation effect.

Do not add the following substances in the vacuum insulation cup:

   Dry ice, carbonated drinks, etc. (Increased internal pressure will prevent the lid from opening or the liquid in the cup from spraying out).

Salt or corrosive substances such as soy sauce and soup.

Avoid any form of direct heating.

Do not use alkaline bleach, metal agents, chemical wipes, etc. when cleaning.

Do not get near the fire, such as a stove, otherwise it will cause deformation and discoloration of the resin part and reduce the thermal insulation effect.

[Maintenance method of stemless tumbler]:

1. When not in use for a long time, keep the inner container fully dry.

2. In order to prevent odors or smudges, clean them and dry them thoroughly after use.

3. As the use of impure water will leave red spots similar to rust, soak it in warm water and diluted vinegar for 30 minutes to fully clean it.