Gel Pen

- Nov 15, 2019-

1. First of all, the principle of a neutral pen:
The gel pen originated in Japan and is a writing instrument pen.
The gel pen has the advantages of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. The writing feel is comfortable, the ink viscosity is low, and the material that is easy to lubricate is added. The neutral ink is a gel with a certain viscosity. Under normal circumstances, the nib does not drop. Ink, as the ball rolls, the colloid is sheared and becomes liquid on the paper, and the silicone oil at the tail prevents back leakage and dry.
2. Then why not oil, no oil?
1) The pen accidentally fell to the ground, the ball was lost, and the pen tip broke, resulting in failure to use the oil normally.
2) It is difficult to put oil when it is not placed for a long time.
3) Inferior inks can't be used in the ambient temperature range required by the national standard of 0-40 °C. If the weather is hot, it will flow, and the weather will be cold and can't be written.
4) Improper use, pen writing posture and angle are not correct, resulting in failure to write oil.
and many more
3. Solution after the pen falls to the ground
Check if there are any balls at the tip of the pen. If not, take out the pen that was used up before the oil, remove it with a tool such as tweezers, and put it on the tip of the pen; the same treatment of the pen tip is broken, only need to use the good pen tip Just change it.
4. For the long-term placement, no oil solution
Put the pen tube in hot water for 3~5 minutes, then take it out, and push the pen tip down firmly; or use a lighter to heat the pen tip; or replace it with a used pen tip; blow it from the back end of the pen holder, or let The pen and ink enter a piece of air.
5. Inferior ink solution
Keep it within the feasible temperature range, don't buy this brand again next time.
6. Improper use of the solution that does not result in oil
The standard writing angle is required to be 47 degrees, while the inferior pen tip or inferior ink can be written only when it is vertical. It is difficult to write or write a little when the pen is tilted slightly (see 5); the correct use of the gel pen is also extended. One of the methods of gel pen life, reducing wear and tear in use.
7. The ultimate solution
The gel pen does not oil, nothing more than a pen tip or a pen ink itself, the ball and the pen tip can be replaced, the pen ink can be heated, it is impossible to change the refill. Look for quality brands, usually pay attention to the method of use, do not fall to the ground, do not put at low temperatures.

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