Highlighter Pen,Tire shape Highlighter

- Apr 09, 2020-

A highlighter pen is a pen for marking. Use thicker, lighter ink to cover the key parts to make the mark. After the mark is made, the text is not obscured at a glance.

The most important role is: a document marked with a highlighter. When copying, you can't see that you have ever made a mark. The highlighter is simple to write, easy to wipe, and has clear writing. The colors are bright and colorful, and there are many colors for writing and painting. While applying the fluorescent plate, it is also possible to write on a common panel such as a whiteboard. Can be used repeatedly.

After the highlighter pen is used, the cap of the highlighter should be tightened immediately to avoid affecting the use of the highlighter. When the weather is hot, don't write under the fan. It is easy to cause the pen of the highlighter to dry. The writing is not smooth, and you can't cover the cap when it is too dry. This will seriously affect the life and use of the highlighter. effect.

At the time of writing, the surface of the fluorescent plate should be clean and clean, and there should be no impurities such as dust. Otherwise, the written characters and pictures will be intermittent and not very beautiful.

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