Hippocampus Bottle Opener Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

- Nov 20, 2019-

Hippocampus Bottle Opener Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

The hippocampus corkscrew , also known as the hippocampus knife bottle opener, is a cork opening tool for beer and wine. Mainly two functions, open beer and wine.

The hippocampus bottle opener is a standing tool for the sommelier. The hippocampus wine bottle opener is an amazing design. Since the invention of the Spanish, it has made many followers, but none of them can surpass it. Therefore, it is known as the "king of the bottle opener". The two-point pivot of the hippocampus is more convenient and labor-saving to open a bottle of wine. Made of high-quality stainless steel and medium-carbon steel, it consists of three main parts: beer open (with beer and cork stopper as fulcrum), screw drill and serrated knives. Beautiful and light, practical.

Hippocampus Bottle Opener Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Instructions

1. First wipe the bottle clean, first use a knife to stick along the circle-shaped protruding part of the bottle mouth, cut the rubber cap of the bottle closing mouth, pay attention to change hands, do not turn the bottle, if it is old wine, the bottom of the bottle will have normal precipitation. Turning the bottle will cause the sediment to float. Be very careful when handling tin caps. It often leaves a sharp edge like a razor. It is inconvenient for your hands to accidentally touch it. In some countries, wines have a bottle opening at the mouth of the bottle. It is as simple as tearing the tape off. Friendly reminder: At this time, the hand is moving instead of turning the bottle, because the impurities deposited on the bottom of the bottle may be “awakened” and affect the taste.

2, the dining cloth or paper towel will wipe the bottle mouth clean, if the mold is found on the top of the cork, don't be nervous, a little mildew is very normal, can not say that the wine is broken, wipe the bottleneck with a clean cloth on the line . If it is an old bottle covered with lead, be very careful, as a small amount of exuded wine will react with lead to form toxic lead salts.

3. At this point, insert the screw drill tip of the bottle opener into the center of the cork (if the drill is broken, the cork is easily pulled off), then erect the auger and slowly rotate it clockwise into the cork. Tip: Do not drill the screw once, leaving a ring. Because you don't know the length of the cork, if you drill the screw drill all at once, you will pass through the cork and sprinkle the softwood into the wine.

4. Hold the first active joint in the bottle mouth and hold it tightly with your left hand; then lift the handle straight up with your right hand.

Note: The left hand must be gripped, while the right hand is “lifting” rather than pushing, otherwise it is easy to infer the cork. In addition, it will be more labor-saving, because the longer the arm is, the more labor-saving.

5. When the cork comes out halfway, the second joint is fastened to the bottle mouth and the previous action is repeated.

6. I feel that the cork stopper stops when it is pulled out quickly. Hold the cork by hand, shake it gently or turn it, and the gentleman will dial out the cork.

Don't be afraid: don't scream, be clear that this is wine, not champagne.

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