How to buy outdoor sports bottle? How to choose a folding water bottle?

- Dec 29, 2019-

How to buy outdoor sports bottle? How to choose a folding water bottle?

For those who love sports, whether it is outdoor or indoor, in addition to some clothing, shoes, hats, etc., a suitable portable leak-proof sports water bottle and sports water bottle are also needed. For outdoor sports such as mountaineering, biking, and hiking, a water bottle that does not take up space, is lightweight, and can be leak-proof is needed, because only such a water bottle and kettle can minimize the weight of the forward travel. People who love sports, mountain climbing and exercise fitness need to choose a suitable water bottle for themselves. So, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a sports bottle or folding water bottle? How can I choose the right water bottle for me?

First, check the Internet, understand

In addition to the physical stores where you can buy outdoor products, buying through the Internet is also a good choice. Even if you don't buy on the Internet, you can check it online now, and then choose whether to buy in a physical store or an online store. So, what do I need to know when searching online? First of all, what brands do you need to know about outdoor sports water bottles and water bottles? Which brands are better. This can go to know like google and some industry websites. Secondly, you can compare it on the mall. There are many brands in the mall. You can search for keywords such as folding water bottles and sports bottles to see which brands and products appear, and then check the reviews and recent sales.

Look at styles and materials

Sports bottles and folding water bottles are now available in a variety of styles and colors, so at least you have to watch and like them. Generally, well-known brands pay attention to design and regularly promote new products. Therefore, after choosing a brand, you need to choose styles, colors and patterns. In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the materials used in water bottles and kettles are healthy and environmentally friendly, and which certifications have been passed. For silicone folding water bottles, they generally need to pass FDA certification (US Food and Drug Administration certification), BPA FREE certification (BPA International Media Certification Agency certification), and LFGB certification (German "Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Commodities Management Law ), Etc., the silica gel that has passed these certifications is food-grade and has the following characteristics:

1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, not yellowing.

2, soft, good elasticity, twist resistance and no deformation.

3, no cracking, long life, cold and high temperature resistance.

4, with higher tear strength and superior electrical properties.

Now the silicone folding water bottle is indeed one of the best choices for outdoor sports bottles, because it is healthy, environmentally friendly, convenient, takes up less space, and is leakproof.

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