How to use a beer bottle opener instructions for using the bottle opener

- Dec 18, 2019-

How to use a beer bottle opener, instructions for using the bottle opener

Beer, with its refreshing and delicious taste, is a highly praised drink. On a hot summer day, a glass of refreshing and delicious beer brings coolness and comfort on the tip of the tongue, so that the whole body is immersed in a cool enjoyment.

But before drinking beer, we often face a question: how to open the bottle cap? How to open the cap better and faster?

There are many ways to open the beer bottle cap, but many people choose a simple and rude method, using the bottle head to pinch the corner of the table or the corner of the wall, so that the beer cap will fall off under the action of force. And often this way of opening the lid, the beer is successfully opened, you can drink beer.

However, unfortunately, it can cause irreparable damage to open tables and corners.

The use of a corkscrew to open the beer lid is really a worry-free invention. An inconspicuous corkscrew shakes a bottle of beer.

Therefore, when opening beer bottles, we might as well use a beer bottle opener, which is safer and more efficient.

How to use beer opener? This may be a big problem for some people who face difficulties with tools. In fact, it is not difficult to open beer bottles with a corkscrew.

1. Align the hollow ring of the bottle opener with the beer cap and put it on the beer bottle cap.

2. Grasp the handle of the bottle opener and pry the beer bottle cap. After prying it a few times, the beer bottle cap will loosen, and it can be opened to enjoy the beer.

Safety tips

When prying the bottle cap, do not point it at people.

Under the influence of the internal pressure of the beer bottle, the lid will be flushed by the beer, and if the beer bottle faces the person, an accident may occur.