How to use the nail clippers sets and precautions

- Nov 21, 2019-

How to use the nail clippers sets and precautions

The shape of the nail is an indispensable factor in creating a perfect nail. To trim a perfect nail, you need to use a nail clipper set to make your trimming process easy and convenient. So How to use the nail clippers sets? The circular nail clippers are used for the trimming of the nails and the shaping of the basic shape. The nails and the skin pliers can be trimmed on the skin of the hand and the dead skin of the hand, and the parts that are not easily trimmed, such as the nail ditch, can be easily trimmed and cleaned. . Let's take a look at the use of nail clippers and the precautions for use!


Nail clippers sets function:

 1, high light pad: used to help nail polishing.

 2, pillow flat pad: used to throw nails, the texture is thicker, used to polish cotton before.

 3, finger edge softening cream: used to soften the keratin on the nail when maintaining nails.

 4, nail scissors: trim nails.

 5, Ganpi scissors: used to build the Ganpi on the finger.

 6, seesaw: used to wear nails when maintaining nails, will not hurt the nails.

 7, carved brush: used for nail painting.

8, orange stick: When maintaining nails, it can be used to push the keratin on the nails.

 9, go to the water: go to the color on the nails.

 10, cotton: together with the light water to remove the color of the nail.

 11, bubble basin: maintenance, you can soak your hands in warm water to accelerate the softening of keratin.

 12, brush: After grinding the nail, you can use the brush to brush off the dust on the nail.

 13, high-light liquid: maintenance, the deer skin pad with a little high-light liquid to wipe the nails, can produce a polishing effect.

 14, finger oil: used to nourish the finger.

 15. Desiccant: Before maintenance, use a desiccant to decompose excess oil on your fingers.

 16, the bottom oil: before the nail polish, a layer of the bottom layer of oil can prevent pigmentation.

 17. High gloss oil: After rubbing the nail polish, applying high gloss can improve the coloration of the nail polish.


How to use the nail clippers sets?

1. Arc Nail Clippers For the trimming of nails and the shaping of basic shapes, you can trim the outline according to the shape you want.

2, oblique nail clippers Specially used to trim the edges of the oblique nails, the edges of the nails are smooth and comfortable after trimming. It is recommended to soak your hands in warm water for three to five minutes and dry them to make it easier to trim your nails.

3. Nail and skin pliers The curved blade has a curved body that can be trimmed on the skin of the hand and its dead skin. It can also be easily trimmed and cleaned for parts such as the ditch that are not easily trimmed.

4, dead skin fork The shape of the tip of the knife edge, you can remove the dead skin on the edge of the nail, push the nail bed.

5, nail file Used for nail repair and shaping after cutting. The nail edge is smooth and complete.

6, nail cleaning and skin repair device Used to clean the nail seam and the foreign body surface of the nail, can easily clean the inside and around the nail.

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