How to use the sticky notes post it note

- Dec 14, 2019-

Sticky note paper is one of the simplest papers in this volume. Sticky note paper has brought great convenience to our office life. Good use of sticky note paper will make your work organized. It's not too late to start now, next I will introduce 9 tips for using sticky notes for everyone to learn from.

1. One sticky notes writes only one task

This removes one note after you finish one, preventing you from missing something important.

2. The font should be large

How big is the font? Just make sure you can read things clearly without sitting in front of your computer.

3. Prioritize color

If conditions permit, try to mark the urgency and importance of each thing with a different color of sticky notes. In this case, you will know at a glance what you need to do first and what you do next.

4. Tear off tasks immediately

On the one hand, it will make you a lot easier, and on the other hand, watching each note is torn off, the sense of accomplishment will definitely make you happy. However, don't think that as long as the small label is so useful, the above mentioned only improves the advantages of your own work efficiency. The effect of the note is by no means limited to this. It can not only show itself but also others.

5. Sticky notes can build your good job image

Each one expects the attention of others, even if it is not really important. Therefore, when your partner comes to your seat to inform the assignment, take out the note paper and record it on your monitor in person, which indicates that you have dealt with what he said as a first-level mission.

6. A small note can help you create the image of a busy person in the workplace

The leisure of the boss indicates that he is very successful, but the leisure of the staff indicates that you have not worked seriously. If you see me sticking notes on the screen, I hope that the superiors who are busy with each subordinate will naturally appreciate you.

7. Let the note express your opinion naturally

If you write words such as "poor", "boss Wang is really troublesome", "best effort" with large characters that everyone can see clearly, and put on the display, this is tantamount to announcing your opinion And there are no direct conflicts.

8. Sticky notes can help you prevent inquiries from others

If someone always asks you the same thing, then you can write the answer on a sticky note. When someone asks you again, you just need to show him the sticky note.

9. Sticky notes can also have the effect of implicit rejection

If you encounter a partner who likes to chat, and you are afraid of hurting each other's face because of rejecting him, then it may be necessary to suspend the "free, save me" note exemption card, and people who know you will no longer bother.

Note paper is such a magical thing. As the most basic paper in this book, it is really useful in note paper. The above nine small tricks are carefully selected and compiled by the editor with practical results and experience. You may wish to try them out. The effect will definitely make you overwhelmed.