Introduce for sticky notes post it note

- Dec 15, 2019-

Sticky notes are small, portable papers that are sticky on one side and mostly yellow. In order to cater to the preferences of young people, other bright colors have also appeared to write down some content at any time, such as writing notes Phone number, etc. Sticky notes are office supplies, of varying paper, shape, color, and size. Dozens or hundreds of sheets form a stack, which can be pasted everywhere, which is convenient for reminding users about issues, ideas, instructions, etc. The market notes are roughly composed of three forms: small notes, medium notes, and creative notes.

Notes are generally divided into three types, urinal notes, Chinese notes and creative notes.

1. A small note is generally used for office and telephone records. When we forget to do something, we can write it on the place where we will see it, and we can think of it again. It can also be used to leave messages to inform others;

2. The size of the medium note is increased in the size of the paper, and it also has the function of a small note.

3. Creative notes are most attractive in design: paper, shape, color, size are different, and styles have different characteristics. Many companies will customize their own corporate notes for their employees, which is not only convenient to use, but also allows corporate notes with a cultural atmosphere to bring an effect.

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1. Have color, but don't choose too glare color;

For example, there is a powerful note paper, the color is too bright, white is the "fluorescent color" series, the color saturation is high, this kind of note paper is suitable for reminders, but not very suitable for daily work . We can try to choose "Macarons" color note paper, that is, there is a little pink and white feeling in the color, and it can have a good-looking color, but the color is soft and not glare.

2. The quality of the note paper is slightly better. It can be pasted repeatedly, but it does not leave any residue.

3. The shape of the note paper should not be too complicated.

Although now there are more shapes of note paper, such as the shape of a star, a circle, or the shape of a Christmas tree, and so on. This kind of note paper can add fun to life, but it is not suitable for work occasions.

4. It is recommended that you choose a square or rectangular