Introduce the use and type of highlighter pen?

- Dec 10, 2019-

Introduce the use and type of highlighter pen?

Prepare the highlighter pen before use: When using a new pen for the first time, be sure to shake it back and forth for a few seconds, and press the pen head firmly for a few seconds to open the valve inside the highlighter and let the highlighter water flow out.

Highlighter pen features: easy to wipe, colorful, water-based, dry-erase formula, can be easily wiped with a dry cloth or facial tissue, leaving no traces, environmental protection, and no harm to the skin! And the color is bright and lasting!

Highlighter pen function: you can write on glass, car body, coffee table, mirror, floor, smooth wall, tile and other places with smooth surface! The effect is outstanding and very colorful.

Highlighter pen use: Suitable for automobile glass and body painting. Company advertising, special price information, new product listings and other store advertising. Wedding photo studios, wedding cars, holiday window dressing, home decoration painting, school teaching drawings, office meeting discussions, etc., as long as the surface is non-adhesive, you can write freely. Especially when used with a fluorescent tablet, the POP drawing is very beautiful.

Special statement: The key to the effect of the LED fluorescent plate is reflected in the pen. Only the pen containing fluorescent powder can have a shiny effect, so that the color is more gorgeous and more vivid. At present, there are two kinds of domestically produced highlighters (one is a highlighter for writing on paper, the color is as bright as a watercolor pen, and it is written on the LED fluorescent board without showing the fluorescent effect; one is a domestically produced highlighter, Although the domestic fluorescent pen can show the color effect when it is turned on, it is not so bright. The color is slightly dim when it is turned off).

The best display effect is the Japanese bamboo brand or Taiwan POP, Xikes and other special highlighters. Everyone knows that the fluorescent plate originated from abroad and is popular in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the domestic fluorescent plate has been introduced in recent years.

There are two kinds of special pens for LED fluorescent board, domestic and imported, which are selected by customers: the pen tip is divided into 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm blade type; the color is eight colors (green, yellow, red, orange, blue, pink , White, and purple).