Kids swimming goggles characteristics

- Jan 06, 2020-

Kids swimming goggles have the following characteristics:

Kids swimming goggles are a kind of equipment used in swimming sports. They are fastened to the eyes when used. They can prevent the water from entering the eyes of the swimming pool while seeing things underwater. Therefore, they have become a must-have item for many swimming enthusiasts. Bring a lot of fun.

 In addition to kids swimming goggles ordinary goggles, myopia goggles, and presbyopia goggles, they are functionally distinguished. Good Kids swimming goggles also have high-performance anti-fog, 100% anti-ultraviolet treatment, sealing function, and protect the eyes and prevent injuries.

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1. Wash and dry with water after use. Be careful not to wipe the lens with a towel to avoid scratching the mirror surface.

2. New Kids swimming goggles are generally anti-fog treated, so do not apply too much anti-fog.

3. Do not use various organic solvents during decontamination to avoid distortion or discoloration of the goggles.

4. In a wet state, putting it together with a bathing suit, towel, etc. for a long time may cause staining, so it should be put in a plastic bag or small box after use. At the same time, long-term storage in water or wet conditions will reduce the anti-fog effect of goggles, and mold will appear. Therefore, long-term storage should be placed in a dry, ventilated place at normal temperature, and talcum powder should be added for maintenance.