Learn the advantages and characteristics of Silicone Wine Cup, what are the benefits of choosing it!

- Dec 19, 2019-

Learn the advantages and characteristics of Silicone Wine Cup, what are the benefits of choosing it!

There are so many commonly used Silicone Wine Cup materials, and very few cups and cutlery, such as silicone. It is considered as a creative lifestyle product, and it is also the choice of many young people, whether it is home, daily, outdoor, or Party use, it can be regarded as a favorite daily necessities!

Since the country advocated environmentally friendly travel and low-carbon life, most of our citizens have chosen low-carbon products for their lives and travel. Taking silicone products as an example, they are now considered to be a more environmentally friendly colloidal lifestyle product. Many items in our lives are All choose to use silicone materials instead, such as kitchen utensils, daily necessities, and water cup supplies, etc., and the "silicone water cup" in daily necessities has become a more commonly used daily life tool. Have you understood its advantages and characteristics?

The main feature of Silicone Wine Cup is environmental protection and safety, and it has a good drop resistance effect. Secondly, the product feels very good. No matter it is the material and effect, it always makes people own it. It is mainly food-grade pure. Silicone rubber is used to achieve a good fixed soft rubber material. It has a comfortable feel and strong rebound. It can print and rave different patterns and characters on the surface appearance. Drop resistance is its strength, although If you drop it from the plane, it won't be broken.

Its processing technology is simple and the cost of the product is low. Usually, the cost of a silicone cup manufacturer to produce a cup is within a few dollars. The specific needs depend on its weight and product shape and requirements. It is higher. It mainly uses mold compression molding and injection molding. Compression molding is the process of placing the mixed rubber in the mold and curing at a high temperature of about 180 degrees. Injection is the injection of liquid silicone raw materials into the mold. High temperature molding in the cavity, there is not much difference between the two!

Silicone Sport Folding Water Bottle is one of the most necessary water bottles for outdoor travel. Due to its flexibility, it can be arbitrarily zigzag into other shapes, so folding storage is currently the best choice. At high and low temperatures, it does not have any effect on the hot water, and it is easy to clean and carry.

Silicone Wine Cup Features:

1. The raw material of the water cup is environmentally friendly gas-phase silica gel. Food silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloid material formed by polycondensation of silicic acid. Good chemical stability, except in the two very special cases of caustic and hydrofluoric acid, it does not react with any acid or base. Commonly used in products with high safety requirements such as baby pacifiers and silicone baby bottles. Non-toxic and tasteless: ingredients are silica and water, safe and stable.

2. High temperature and low temperature resistance: The temperature range of silicone raw materials is -40 -220 , far exceeding the plastic products for food, and insolubilized above 100 . The use process is safe, even when burnt, it will only decompose into silica white mist and white smoke, non-toxic and harmless.

3. Anti-aging and non-fading: The temperature of oxidative decomposition is far higher than similar plastic products. Does not fade at daily temperatures and has a service life of up to 10 years.

4, easy to clean, oil-resistant, watertight, can be washed in the dishwasher, easy to use, is a good helper for housewives.

Soft, non-slip, feels good, like baby's skin, warm and considerate. Material selection, processing, quality control: Material selection is strictly in accordance with food-grade silicone FDA standards.