LED Spinner Bottle Opener,Spinner Bottle Opener

- Feb 09, 2020-

LED spinner bottle opener, spinner bottle opener is a boring adult playmate in the low popularity in 2016. What does it do?

To the body:

1. Long-term use makes fingers more flexible;

2, the phenomenon of vision retention will be more sharp (such as the rotation direction and trajectory of the ball during the high-speed operation of the tennis ball)

To the spirit:

1. with mild self-hypnosis, self-confidence, self-encouragement, self-emotional release.

2. Create a pleasant personal environment, which can be released instantly under the high intensity of work and life. Avoiding emotional bursts that lead to interpersonal circles and relationship discords, as well as avoiding individual emotional depression and other various mentalities

3. Divert attention, the role of psychological decompression under high pressure, creating a pleasant personal environment. At the same time, it can also prevent mental illness caused by excessive stress, such as confrontation: nervousness, loss of enthusiasm, easy fatigue, loneliness, depression, and depression, which will lead to our low work efficiency, poor interpersonal relationships, and difficulty in adapting to work and life.


In today's society, psychological pressure is precisely the culprit that undermines our physical and mental health.

A small spinner bottle opener can regulate the neurological disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness, memory loss caused by stress in modern people. It is fun and can also be used as a bridge for people to communicate with each other.

Common behaviors today for stress reduction:

Some people like to pinch bubbles in bubble films,

Some people like shaking their legs,

Some people like to press the keycaps of ballpoint pens,

Some people like to turn pens,

Some people like to transfer coins,

Someone likes to fiddle with zippo lighters ...

The spinner bottle opener is an advanced version of this kind of thing. The gyro rotates at the fingertips, which relieves tension, improves attention, and is fun and fun...


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