Life Vest Floating Key Tag Pu Foam Stress Ball

- Feb 05, 2020-

I. Life Vest Floating Key Tag Pu Foam Stress Ball Applicable occasions and characteristics

1. Suitable for company publicity activities, product promotions, various exhibitions. Can print company text LOGO, can also print complex patterns.

2.Various product shapes, smooth surface and bright color, it is a good decoration and advertising gifts

3. The product has a cute shape, is not fragile, is soft, has a good feel, is small in size and weight, and has a soft feel, suitable for children's toys

4. Our product has special hand feeling, can be repeatedly kneaded and is not brittle, which is a good pressure release substance.

5. Safety: PU foam toys are environmentally safe and can pass the tests of EN71, phthalate, RoHs, etc.

2. Process flow: in order: mold opening, foam molding, repair, painting, stickers, printing. package.

The second process, the product is foamed at one time: The total output is related to the number of molds. The more molds, the larger the daily output. For any OEM product, the minimum number of molds is 3

The third process, painting: coloring of the product, such as coloring black blocks on yellow football, etc.

The fourth process, printing: generally suitable for monochrome LOGO printing. Printing on a pad printer.

Fifth step, stickers: For complex LOGO, you must use transfer stickers. Because of manual alignment, position deviations and other defects are prone to occur.

Three. Other instructions

1. The hardness of the PU ball products can be adjusted according to requirements, and the product weight can also be adjusted within the upper and lower ranges according to customer requirements. The quotation is only for conventional hardness and weight. Adjustable feel as follows.

2. The weight of PU ball, if there is no requirement, according to our factory standard, (take 63mm diameter as an example: 21-23 grams), but can also customize the weight according to customer requirements, such as 63mm can be 40-50 grams