Maintenance method of Silicone Watch

- Nov 22, 2019-

Maintenance method of Silicone Watch

1. It is easy to sweat in the hot summer. Although the silicone strap is waterproof, it should be washed with toothpaste for a period of time. It is best to spray a thin layer of feel oil after washing. This can decontaminate and antistatic, and increase The gloss of the silicone strap is smooth and creamy.

2, the generation of silicone strap aging is the biggest problem with silicone strap. When the silicone strap is aging, apply some soapy water to the toothbrush, quickly wash the dirt, and then dry it with a slightly damp cloth.

3, silicone strap recommended under the conditions permit, there are two straps or more than two straps can be used alternately. Because the silicone strap also needs to breathe, the ventilated environment can extend the life of the strap and wear different styles of straps, which can reduce the risk of human damage and make the user more fashionable.

4, silicone band hardening is also a common symptom. If the silicone strap is often in a humid environment, it will accelerate its hardening speed. Therefore, in addition to the usual maintenance, it is absolutely necessary to not bend the strap when the strap is hardened, and to change the strap at the right time. Use a little money in exchange for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and avoid unnecessary losses. If you do both, why not?

In addition, the wearing of the silicone watch band itself is a process of constant wear and tear, so pay attention to some daily details is also necessary maintenance.

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