Maintenance method of Wristband Watch

- Nov 22, 2019-

Maintenance method of Wristband Watch

1. Please do not bring the watch and magnetic objects close to each other.

2. In case of water ingress (with air), it should be sent to the maintenance point for cleaning immediately to avoid corrosion of the movement.

3. If the back of the watch is provided with protective sheets or stickers, please remove them before use, otherwise the sweat will penetrate into the backing paper, causing the back of the watch to rust.

4. Do not touch the watch with various solvents and various types of chemicals. Otherwise, the watch case and the like may be discolored and rusted due to erosion. 5. The watch (only for quartz watch) can operate stably and accurately in the range of 5 °C ~ 35 °C at normal temperature. If the temperature exceeds 50 °C, the battery will leak or shorten the battery life. Do not leave the watch in a low temperature -10 °C environment for a long time, because cold air will cause the time to slow down or go faster. When the watch returns to normal temperature, the operation returns to normal.

6. The bottom cover is engraved with the words "WATER RESISTANT" (waterproof). It can be occasionally splashed or drenched by water, but it cannot be used for swimming or diving. If the bottom cover is engraved with the words "WATER RESISTANT 5ATM" , indicating that your watch is waterproof at 5 degrees (50 meters underwater), suitable for swimming and showering, because the 5 degree waterproof indicated by the watch is a test value, therefore, the corresponding underwater depth should not be considered due to the swimming action. Water flow often increases the pressure of water, so be careful when swimming. What if the watch is magnetized? When wearing a watch, if you accidentally touch a generator, motor, etc. with a strong magnetic field, or put the watch on the radio or TV, the watch will be magnetized, and the phenomenon of inaccurate walking may occur, or even stop. In this case, the demagnetization should be made to the watch repair department. If you are away from the watch shop, you can also demagnet yourself. The specific method is to find a piece of iron that is not affected by magnetization in the middle of the hollow, and stand on the table. Then the magnet on the watch can be "sucked" by the iron. To return the watch to normal.

How to use and maintain the watch: 1. Maintenance common sense. (1) When wearing a watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has better corrosion resistance. The semi-steel case is copper. It is in contact with sweat for a long time and is easy to corrode. Always use a soft cloth to wipe off the sweat or put on a plastic watch to prevent it from being eroded by sweat. (2) Do not open the back cover of the watch at will, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch. (3) Do not put the watch in a wardrobe with mothballs to avoid deterioration of the oil. (4) Do not place the watch on the radio or TV to avoid magnetization. (5) For watches that are not worn for a long time, the watch should be issued once a month, so that the parts will not be in a static state for a long time to ensure the running performance of the watch. 2. The table was refurbished. After the watch has been marked with a lot of lines, you can drop one or two drops of water on the surface of the watch, then squeeze a little bit of toothpaste to remove the scratches and make the watch look like new. 3. Remove the water from the watch. If the water in the case is inadvertently placed, a granular substance called silica gel can be placed in a closed container together with the watch that has already accumulated water. After a few hours, the watch is taken out and the water disappears. This method is simple and economical, and has no damage to the accuracy and longevity of the watch. The silica gel which has been absorbed many times can be dried at 120 ° C for several hours, the water absorption capacity can be regenerated, and it can be used repeatedly. 4. Wearing a luminous table is not good for sleeping. Put your watch on your wrist and sleep. If the watch is a luminous watch, it will have a negative impact on the body. This is because the pointer of the luminous table and the luminescent material coated on the dial are mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide. The radiation emitted by radium can excite the zinc sulfide crystal to emit light. When sleeping, if the watch is worn, the human body will suffer eight The nine-hour radium radiation is harmful to the human body. Therefore, before going to bed, it is best to take the luminous table and put it on the table. 5. Electronic watches are common sense. When the temperature of the electronic watch is 25 to 28 °C, the timing error of one day and night is within one second. When the temperature is below 0 °C or above 50 °C, it will be slow for two seconds every day and night. At the same time, when the temperature is as high as 60 °C, the liquid crystal panel will turn black. When the temperature drops below 0 °C, the liquid crystal panel will lose its display effect. Therefore, in winter, the electronic watch can only be worn on the wrist, and it is kept by the constant temperature of the human body. Normal timing. In addition, high temperature and low temperature will cause the battery to leak and corrode the movement. The electronic watch battery is generally available for more than one year, but the power consumption of the light is large, and the power consumption for one second is equivalent to one hour or more. When the battery is almost finished, the light will dim, or the digital display will dim or even disappear when turned on. When replacing the battery, if you do not understand the repair technology, you should send it to the watch shop for installation. Moreover, the battery specifications are not standardized, and there are many batteries of various grades, which cannot be used at will. Electronic watches should pay attention: press the button can not force too much, so as not to fail; the LCD panel needs to be replaced with another five to seven years; the battery should be removed in time to avoid corrosive movement of the movement. If the lamp is not lit, the button is out of order, and the timing suddenly has a large error, it should be repaired in time. It may be that the component solder joint is in poor contact or is removed. Electronic watches, especially digital electronic watches, generally have poor water resistance. Although some have the word "waterproof" printed on the manual or on the back cover, try to avoid contact with water. The structure of an electronic watch is different from that of a mechanical watch. It is an electronic circuit and an electronic component. If it enters the water, it will be "catastrophic" and the entire watch will be scrapped. In particular, the liquid crystal panel and the integrated circuit are not only afraid of water, but also suffer from the tide, and the failure will occur over time. Therefore, it is best to take off the table when washing your face and washing your clothes. Prevent rain from splashing when it rains.

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