Measuring position

- Jun 15, 2019-

Oral cavity

The collection of oral temperature is the ability of the patient to place the thermometer correctly and safely into the mouth. That is to rule out children or inability to resist cough, weak people or people who will vomit. (This is no problem in fast-reacting electronic thermometers, but it is an important issue in mercury thermometers because mercury thermometers take a long time to react to temperature.) Other things to note are when patients are If you have a hot drink or an ice drink before using an oral thermometer, you must consider other temperature measurement methods.


Lubricants should be used to assist in the measurement of rectal temperature, especially when measured by another person. Although the rectal temperature is the most accurate, it is embarrassing to consider such behavior in some countries or cultures. In addition, if the thermometer is placed incorrectly, the patient may feel uncomfortable or even painful. Infants usually use rectal temperature measurements, but it is better to use a nurse to operate.

In the ear or forehead

In addition, there is an in-the-ear thermometer that measures the tympanic membrane in the ear using an infrared measurement technique and a forehead thermometer that measures the forehead.


The mercury mercury column of the thermometer is smashed below 35 °C before use. Place the mercury end of the thermometer on the top of the armpit (ie deep in the armpit), clamp the thermometer with the upper arm to avoid dislocation or drop; measure for 5-10 minutes; take out the thermometer, read the temperature data, and wipe the thermometer with toilet paper. So that you can use it next time or by others.

Reading method: Hold the end of the thermometer in one hand, that is, away from the end of the mercury column, keep the eye at the same level as the thermometer, then slowly turn the thermometer, and read the corresponding temperature value when you see the thick mercury column from the front. Be careful not to touch the mercury end of the thermometer with your hand when reading. This will affect the mercury column and cause measurement inaccuracy.

Digital Ear Thermometer