Message flashing fan

- May 08, 2020-

Message flashing fan principle is that there is a row of light-emitting diodes on the fan blades. When they rotate and flash at high speed, due to the persistence of vision, we see a section of arc-shaped line. If a single chip microcomputer is used to control the timing and time of the diode flash, various patterns or characters can be formed.

Strictly speaking, this so-called "fan" is just a vivid name, in fact, it is a "rotating LED light bar", and its professional name is called holographic 3D smart dazzling screen. After the power is turned on, the "fan blade" starts to rotate, and it can present 3D images while rotating, which is cool and realistic.

At the same time, according to the size and color of the pattern, the message flashing fan hide its fan blades well. Because there is no frame and no fixed screen, the dynamic picture is like floating in the sky, very realistic.

19071494 Message Flashing Fan-2主 图19071491 LED Flash Fan-2 主图