metal massage pen

- Feb 17, 2020-

Massage your face with the vibrating top of the metal massage pen handheld massager to relieve facial blemishes, ease cold symptoms, congestion in sinuses and dizziness.

F1-Enhance condition of skin

F2-Colds, sinus, congestion, frontal headaches and tired eyes

F3-Clear acne and facial blemishes

F4-Nasal congestions and sinus discomfort

F5-Cramps and dizziness

F6-Beneficial for mental concentration and improving of memory

Color: Metal massage pen body can choose Pantone or order colors.

Function: Suitable for acupoint massage, ballpoint pen writing

Battery: LR1 1.5V

Applicable: advertising promotion, business gift, award commemoration, anniversary celebration ...

Pen tube: optional brass, aluminum alloy, steel, plastic and other materials; color customized Pantone.

Colors available: chrome-plated, 24K gold, rose gold, bright silver, dull silver ...

Refill: High-quality metal small PK D1 refill optional black water, blue water ...

Packaging: wooden box, tin box, plastic pen box, heaven and earth cover gift box, leather box, etc.

Surface LOGO: Can be used for embossing, silk printing, pad printing, laser engraving, etc.