Mood Stadium Cups,Color Change Stadium Cup

- Mar 24, 2020-

The principle of the mood stadium cups are mainly based on the temperature-sensitive material on the color-changing cup. This material is a heat-sensitive material. When the temperature of the cup changes, the color-changing cup will change greatly. Therefore, when the water in the color-changing cup is higher than 40 degrees, we will find that the color of the cup gradually changes, and when the color of the cup is lower than 20 degrees, the color of the color-changing cup will change again. Therefore, whether it is hot or cold in the color-changing cup, as long as it reaches a certain temperature, the color of the surface of the mood stadium cups  will change greatly. This is the difference between the mood stadium cups  and ordinary cups, and it is also the unique point of the color-changing cup design.

The  mood stadium cups,color change stadium cup can generally choose the pattern or text according to our personal preferences. During the production process, you can choose your favorite pattern or text, and then you will make the color-changing cup according to the pattern you choose. Therefore, the finished color changing cup will usually appear the pattern you choose when it changes color. The color-changing cups are usually black and yellow before they change color, but the appearance after the change is completely different. This is also the artifact of the color changing cup. If you want to give a special gift to your loved one in the coming Christmas, the  mood stadium cups,color change stadium cup may be a very good choice.

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